Gershon Portnoi Psychotherapy

How Does Therapy Work?

It's possible that just by arriving at this website, you've taken the biggest step because choosing to get help is often the most difficult part of the journey.

That's why I try to make this stage of the process as straightforward as possible, as it's never easy.

I always offer an initial consultation where we will meet to discuss why you have decided to begin therapy.

After that, we will discuss the options for therapy. These are either open-ended, where we meet on the same day, at the same time every week, or it might be a shorter piece of work, where we will spend 12 sessions focusing on a specific issue.

Once we have agreed on the best course of action, you will receive a contract which outlines my commitment to you, and your commitment to your therapy.

What Is Psychodynamic Psychotherapy?

The name might be quite daunting, but this type of therapy focuses on past events to understand what is happening in the present.
By exploring this, we might be able to gain insight into your life, in order that you can understand yourself a bit better.
Usually, this type of therapy would be open-ended which means, by definition, that there is no fixed end date, although we will regularly reflect on the work, with a view to working towards an end point.